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A Company Who Cares

Our family established Front Range Redevelopment, LLC with multiple goals in mind geared towards helping others from all walks of life in our wonderful communities. It took years of work, planning, and training for us to carve out our niche in the real estate market. We believe in the idea of a win-win situation and that is the basis of Front Range Redevelopment, LLC. To this end, we came up with many different ways to service people's needs and offer that win-win to all.

As of December 2021, we are proud to finally offer our experience flipping and repairing investment properties to homeowners directly with our wide array of handyman services. We hope you will take a moment to reach out about any size scope of project you might have around your home. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss your specific needs and how our family would be able to best serve yours.

For those who find themselves in a financial bind and in need of a quick solution, we want to be there to offer you cash money with an accelerated closing time. Our process has been streamlined to get you an offer fast and our financial backing means that we can follow through with those offers. We want everyone facing bankruptcy and/or foreclosure to know that we are here for you when you are ready to get out from under that debt.


For those looking to the future and wondering what to do with their future financial investments, we offer many different investing opportunities. It is your money, so you should be able to choose the avenue that works best for your goals. Simply search though our "Looking to Lend" page to learn about the many different opportunities we offer.


For those looking to buy, we are happy to offer great properties at great prices. As we continue to grow and expand, Front Range Redevelopment will be able to offer housing options to suite all income levels and life styles. We also are happy to offer great wholesale opportunities to other investors or the ambitious future home owner looking for an investment opportunity.


Finally, we want to be able to take special care of clients looking to purchase a project home and have us create A CUSTOM RENOVATED HOME AT ANY PRICE RANGE. Our family believes that EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to live the custom lifestyle within an achievable budget.

Our Founders:

Jena Crawford

Through my studies in real estate, I found an interest in assisting others in obtaining their dream of home ownership. I have a passion for decorating houses and helping families create a forever home. I love working along side my husband to get a project done. 

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Garrett Crawford

I have had a passion for investing, real estate, and the renovation industry for over a decade. My background includes years of experience in the construction industry and graduating from MSU Denver Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Accounting. I am a numbers guy who can pull on a deep understanding of construction to get a project done.

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